Mennonite Economic Development Associates

We installed the vibrant office modular furniture, walls & ceilings for the Mennonite Economic Development Associates. They had the aspirations of a custom installation at an affordable price. We installed DIRTT solutions because of it’s functionality & affordability.

One of the most innovative pieces of this installation was the three-way LeafTMwall. This modular wall solution allows users to split offices or open the wall for an open concept office area.

Office Breakout Area

Modular Office Breakout Rooms with the LeafTM wall

Modular Office Kitchen

Modular Breakout Room & Kitchen

Modular Collaboration Spaces

Modular Meeting Spaces

Modular Glass Wall Graphics

Modular Glass Walls & Graphics

Modular Glass Walls

Modular Glass Wall

Modular Hallway Storage

Modular Hallway Storage

Modular Hallway

Modular Hallways

Modular Conference Room

Modular Conference Rooms

Modular Office Spaces

Modular Office Walls & Ceilings

Modular Workspaces

Modular Workspaces

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